Our Stories

Hello, hopeful mommies to be! Welcome to my story about fertility and birth against the odds. I made this website to share my story with women who are trying to conceive a baby. If my website can help women achieve their goals of giving birth to healthy babies then I have accomplished my goal. I know that anxiety from infertility, and the biological clock ticking, can be painful and overwhelming. The sadness of not being able to have the cherished baby we've all thought about since we were little girls can be really hard. Well good news, you can still have hope! After many years of birth control and less than healthy living, I tried to conceive a baby and failed for years. I had miscarriages, and tried IVF and fertility treatments, visited doctors repeatedly, and it all failed. I was beyond depressed, and easily triggered by the situation, around the clock. Until at the age of 44 I finally conceived naturally, with the help of some products and supplements, and my beloved fiancé. I was very fortunate in my journey. I gave birth to a healthy, happy baby boy, just before my 45th birthday! I am so blessed and so grateful! Here I bring my story to you women of the world, to help you feel comforted and hopeful, as you navigate your own journey with fertility and conception. Please understand, I am not making any promises. I am not giving medical advice, and be sure to consult your physician before you take any herbs, supplements or medication. This is purely my story and I truly hope that it helps you. May you have a successful pregnancy and a healthy happy baby!